The company of LIGPOL& LISTAR has been existing since 1983.
We produce regional and orthopaedic footwear from natural leathers and from highest-quality components made in 60% in hand.

Our offer consists of more than 80 patterns of all-year footwear, including:

* shoes *children’s shoes * warm shoes * slippers

* clogs


* original highlander’s shoes

* sheepskin moccasins

* anti-rheumatoid sleeveless jacket – 100% wool

The footwear is produced on soles made of leather, styrene and rubber or polyurethane, which have amortisation and anti-slippery properties and also prevent spine pains. The lining and surface of the footwear are made from natural leathers (sheep’s, cattle’s and pig’s).

Our products are exported to many countries, including: U.S.A., Canada, Germany, France, Sweden and Finland. The proper construction of our footwear is accompanied by the abundant design – all this because we care about your feet.